Geosteady Reveals Why He Stopped Seeing His Kids, Blasts Prima Kardashi

March 8, 2022
Prima Kardashi with Geosteady

Prima Kardashi with Geosteady

Last week, Sweden-based blogger, Raymond Soulfa aka Peng Peng blasted Prima Kardashi for blocking Geosteady from seeing his kids.

Prima responded and told Peng to stop shouting arguing that Geosteady has no right to see her children.

Prima who parted ways with ‘Owooma’ hitmaker in October 2020, revealed that the singer has never extended child support to his girls; Sorayah and Solange.

Prima Kardashi and Geosteady
Prima Kardashi and Geosteady

She blasted Geosteady that he doesn’t know if they schooling, how they sleep, what they eat and that is why he can’t have access to see them.

Today, Geosteady used women’s day and blasted Mama Lusaniya for being ungrateful. He revealed Prima told him that the kids are not his. He reminded mama Lusaniya that if she wants child support, she should call him instead of making useless noise.

Again I say:- 1. You said in my face those kids ain’t mine that even if they die I shouldn’t come for burial ( I have the recordings ) despite I’ve never done a DNA test for them and I guess you were right.

2. If you need support call/text and if you don’t want stay in your happy life. Stop using media and stop fighting my brand at least I’ve done so much bad but the good has also added value to you.

The problem isn’t the Kids, it isn’t the support but it’s with you talking too much.

Happy Women’s Day!!!


Prima and Geosteady dated on and off for seven years. As we speak, Prima moved on with a radio presenter, Henry Danson while ‘Ndi wamululu’ singer has new bae, Hindu Kay.

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