Boss Leaves Work Early, Harvests Maid | VIDEO

May 8, 2022
Boss knocks on a home's front door.

Boss knocks on a home's front door.

A man rumoured from Kyanja, a Kampala suburb have left netizens whispering after he took advantage of returning home early and harvested maid.

In a clip, the chap can be seen having fun as the baby is heard speaking in the back ground.

Most families that employ maids, find themselves in such scenarios especially when men forget their limits.

This is common especially in families where both man and wife work. As they come home tired, there is a possibility that men sleep hungry. As a result, some resort to maids for real food.


In our survey, 4 out of 10 families that employ maids such stuff happens. As a result, most women prefer not to employ maids at all.

Some even leave their work and stay home in case there are kids to look after fearing maids could take over.