Midland High School Students In Jiggy Jiggy On School Bus | VIDEO

June 11, 2022
Midland High School school bus

Midland High School school bus

Midland High School – Kawempe is under scrutiny after a well wisher filmed some students busy in a jiggy jiggy session on a school bus.

The students took advantage of a trip and had fun on a school bus beyond imagination.

In a video shared by Finland-based blogger, Kakensa Media, students were filmed in a rub-a-dubbing session as they parked on a roadside.

As it’s a norm for Ugandan schools to keep students apart, when such an opportunity arises students exploit it to the fullest.

In mixed schools, students always pray to have trips or go out for galas and the best time is when going and returning back.

Watch video:

Unlike in the past days, students nowadays are exposed to life thanks to the mushrooming television stations and movies.

However, according to Midland High School – Kawempe Headteacher, Kyasa, the students filmed in the bus were not his but rather from Lubiri High School.

Kyasa says Lubiri High school hired Midland High School bus for agricultural trip to Jinja at a cost of 1m.