Leila Kayondo Apologises For Abusing SK Mbuga

June 12, 2022
Leila Kayondo

Leila Kayondo

Singer, Leila Kayondo has apologised to her family and fans for embarrassing them following her rants about tycoon, SK Mbuga weeks ago.

At the end of May, Leila Kayondo left social media buzzing after she attacked former lover, SK Mbuga publicly.

Through WhatsApp status, Leila labeled tycoon, SK Mbuga an educated fool and asked him never to come back to her rental.

Leila Kayondo

In a live video shared on Instagram on Friday evening, Leila Kayondo maintained that whatever she said about her ex-lover was real and she does not regret it because it is the truth.

She said people who are criticising her that she shouldn’t have insulted Mbuga because he helped her very much do not know what they are talking about because it was a combined effort.

Where I come from, there are so many orphans and he could have helped them. Why did he choose to help me? I was talented and I also contributed so much financially to my own career

Leila Kayondo

Leila apologised to her family, friends and fans who were hurt by her words and vowed never to abuse the tycoon again.

Leila Kayondo with SK Mbuga

Out of respect and legacy for my parents, I am not going to talk about that man again. But I deserve to be respected too. I am sorry for those I hurt with what I said. I used bad words. To my family, my friends, my fans, my relatives, I am sorry and I will never speak about that man again, will keep my promise

Leila Kayondo added.

The ‘relaxing’ singer said she is not quitting social media because she uses it to promote her business and asked SK Mbuga to stop hiring bloggers and creating fake social media accounts to insult her.

“I am not going to quit social media because I sell clothes and this is my job. Stop hiring bloggers and opening fake accounts just to insult me by saying I am on drugs and trashing my music. I am not going anywhere,” she said before concluding her video.