MC Richie Confirms Medi Moore Touched In Prima Kardashi’s Source | VIDEO

July 8, 2022
Prima Kardashi and Medi Moore (L), MC Richie (R)

Prima Kardashi and Medi Moore (L), MC Richie (R)

Real Life CEO, MC Richie has finally solved the mystery surrounding South African-based socialite, Medi Moore and Geosteady’s baby mama, Prima Kardashi.

In June, Prima Kardashi, Spice Diana and a friend jetted in Dubai to attend MC Richie’s Summer festival.

The days she spent in Dubai, she was inseparable with Medi Moore as they partied and had fun.

Prima Kardashi with Medi Moore in Dubai

Word started making rounds that Medi Moore touched in Prima’s source but it remained a rumour.

The rumour was finally settled yesterday night after MC Richie who organised Summer Festival said that Medi Moore touched in Prima’s source.

In a Live Facebook broadcast chat with Sweden-based blogger, Raymond Mutumba aka Peng Peng, MC Richie said Medi Moore and Prima connected the moment they arrived in Dubai.

MC Richie confirmed they (Medi Moore and Prima) were sleeping in the same hotel room in Dubai Marina.

Prima and Medi Moore connected well. He took her for shopping and they were staying in the same hotel room. One night i was coming from an outing, as i passed by their room, i heard noises. I first stood in corridor and listened.

MC Richie told Peng Peng

Since returning back from Dubai, we hear Prima and Mr. Henrie are not seeing face to face.

Recently, Prima and Geosteady re-united as their daughter, Solange Kigozi celebrated her 3rd birthday.