Lwasa Speaks The Truth About Torturing Ex Wife Angel While Pregnant

July 4, 2024

Ex tycoon and business man Lwasa Emmanuel has spoken the truth about torturing his ex wife Angel Kwakunda while pregnant,

He said he has never seen or heard of any woman that lies as much as his ex wife.

Lwasa said she doesn’t remember doing anything wrong or even torturing her. In the first place he said that he doesn’t remember her being pregnant while they were still together.

The business man revealed that he married Angel expecting a child but that has taken years without even a pregnancy something he says he got played by his wife.

He then said that Angel was targeting his money and when she didn’t get the money she started changing and that is when they started getting their marital issues.

Angel Exposes Lwasa’s Bedroom Secrets, Narrated How He Slept With Another Woman In Her Presence

Angel had also accused Lwasa of bringing a lady in their bed and sleep with her in her presence.

According to Lwasa, something like that has never happened and as an African man he doesn’t think it will ever happen. He said that Angel is just painting him as a bad person yet he is not.

“I have never done anything wrong to Angel and she knows that. She is painting me to be the bad person but she clearly knows that I am not the bad person. I will never do what she said I did in my life,”