Prima Kardashi On What Geosteady’s Girlfriend Needs To Do To Avoid Being Cheated On

July 5, 2024

Socialite and business woman Prima Kardashi is keeping with with ex baby daddy Geosyeady and his current girlfriend and baby mama Hindu Kay.

She said that she is sure he might be cheating on her at the moment and if not, she needs to do certain things that will prevent that.

Geosteady and Hindu Kay have been together for over three years. They started dating when he ended his eight years relationship with the mother of his older children Prima.

Will He Ever Have A Serious Relationship? Geosteady Still Stuck With Ex Baby Mama Prima Kardashi

Unfortunately the lady she moved on with was the one from his past and was working for both him and Prima while they were together.

Their break up was because of so many reasons but the main reason was because he cheated on her and fathered another child with a video vixen while together.

According to Prima, ladies usually stop looking after themselves when they give birth. She said they as a new mother, Geosteady’s new baby mama needs to get a different room for the child or else she will be cheated on.

“New mothers need to know that men cheat on them because they stop caring and looking after themselves. They need to start looking after themselves and even get children their rooms,”