MC Kats and Alien Skin burry the hatchet as they hug for the first time

December 21, 2023
Alien Skin

Alien Skin

Singer Alien Skin and media personality Katamba Edwin also known as MC Kats have burried the hatchet as they hug for the first time.

Alien Skin and MC Kats never used to have a problem not until Champion Guddo got involved.

The media personality tried to much to get him help with his education like bursary but Alien Skin wasn’t having it. When MC Kats pushed it harder the singer attacked him.

He said he has no authority to talk about him or Champion Guddo after all he doesn’t know where they started from and how far they have come.

By that time, MC Kats had secured a collaboration between his singer Fille and Alien Skin. They had recorded it and only remaining with video shooting.

Alien Skin had initially said he is not willing to release a song with Fille. He even threatened to sue MC Kats if he releases the song without his knowledge.

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Although they had their bad days, the two MC Kats and Alien Skin are ending the year on good terms.

During comedy store award ceremony, Alien Skin and MC Kats made up and gave each other a very big hug.

It looks like they do not have any more grudges between each other. They are so good to go to 2024.