MC Kapale weds Mzungu wife in beautiful ceremony (Video)

November 20, 2023

Faded comedian MC Kapale real name Kawuki Simon has wedded his Mzungu wife in a beautiful white wedding ceremony.

He moved to the United states of America (USA) few months ago specifically for marriage with his wife.

On arrival they were wedded but not by church so that he can stay in the country legally.

After settling in, MC Kapale and the wife decided to do a white wedding ceremony where they can invite friends and family to come and celebrate with them.

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The family was specifically for the wife because MC Kapale’s family is in Uganda and there is no way they would make it to the USA to witness his wedding.

In the videos posted on social media, MC Kapale is extremely happy with the wife on the day of the wedding.

He is seen smiling and kissing his wife as they take videos and photos of their happy moments.

Here is the video;

It should be noted that MC Kapale was clear about his marriage saying he really wanted to be in the USA but the sexual demand from wife is high.

He said he hasn’t working meaning he is always in the house with the wife and it is becoming too much for him.

Despite all that, he has continued to get married to his white wife.