Mama Fina Releases Recordings Of Precious Remmie Interrogating Her like A Criminal | AUDIOS

March 19, 2022
Precious Remmie and Mama Fina

Precious Remmie and Mama Fina

Last week, Traditional healers president, Sofia Namutebi Sylvia aka Mama Fina cried like a baby narrating how Remma Nakitto aka Precious Remmie aka Ray P disrespected her.

During an interview, Mama Fina said she received a call from Fifi Da Queen and asked her to help Sophia Akum who is struggling a child she sired with Precious Remmie’s new bae, Bindeeba Raymond.

Raymond and Precious Remmie

As a mother who has helped a lot of struggling mothers, she told Fifi Da Queen to bring Akum and see how she can help her. Few hours, she received a call from Precious Remmie who interrogated her beyond repair.

She asked Mama Fina, “Are you a minister in charge of children?, Are you the one handling issues of children?”.

This hurt Mama Fina who shed tears and accused Ray P of disrespecting her. She revealed that she recorded all the conversation and promised to release it if need be.

Finally, she managed to released part of the recording. In the recording, Ray P told Mama Fina that Akum Sophia is lying about using Bindeeba’s brother’s blood to conduct a DNA test.

Akum Sophia

She revealed that Akum gave Bindeeba’s child to another man and that’s the reason as to why he refused to look after her.

Ray P who was ranting, also told the traditional healer that Akum Sophia used to receive help from Bindeeba but doesn’t talk about it.

Listen to audio below:

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