Canary, Kyamagero 2-0 Sipapa: Infamous Car Finally Impounded

March 19, 2022


News anchors, Andrew Kyamagero and canary Mugume are having the last laugh after Police impounded Toyota Land Cruiser belonging to Sipapa.

On March 12, a tweep, BenJastt posted a photo of his car damaged and revealed that a heavily guarded Sipapa knocked him while driving a numberless car in a wrong lane.

He claims Sipapa threatened to shoot him after he complained. BenJastt tagged AIGP, Asan Kasingye, narrated the whole ordeal and asked for help.

Sipapa’s Toyota Land Cruiser

NBS TV journalist, Canary Mugume jumped onto the Tweet claiming Sipapa is untouchable and that top ranking cops fear him.

After reading Canary’s post, Sipapa posted it on social media and branded NBS TV ace a woman with no beards.

NTV news anchor, Kyamagero Andrew escalated the battled and asked the security operatives to discipline Sipapa. Other tweeps and concerned citizens raised concerns over unruly Sipapa which forced the Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola to order his boys to impound Sipapa’s vehicle.

On March 17, AIGP, Asan Kasingye confirmed that Sipapa’s car was finally impounded, “This vehicle belonging to Sipapa is now impounded by @PoliceUg.

Over the years, Sipapa has been disrupting the traffic with his convoy of expensive rides. Seems the public have had enough of him.