Lwasa Gifts New Karaoke Bae A Car He Confiscated From Angel | VIDEO

April 28, 2022
Lwasa with new bae

Lwasa with new bae

Tycoon, Emmanuel Lwasa has gifted his new karaoke babe a Toyota Mark X he gifted to Angel Kwakunda during the introduction ceremony.

In March 2021, Angel introduced Lwasa to her parents in Nakasongola and the tycoon took a Toyota Mark X which was transported on a car carrier.

Toyota Mark X Lwasa gifted to Angel on introduction ceremony

When the pair parted ways, Lwasa confiscated it because he had not given Angel its log book. 

In a video, the new karaoke babe can be seen cruising the Toyota Mark X as she parks on the road side to show off the figure.

Critics are saying Lwasa is on revenge mission after Angel resorted to trolling him after they had parted ways. She resorted to TikTok and dedicated stinging songs to him.

She also branded him stingy and revealed that he gifted her fake dollars during her birthday celebrations.

He is now throwing everything at the new bae to hurt Angel.

Yesterday, Angel recorded a video and insisted she has never left Lwasa. She warned the new karaoke girl that the pin-sized champ is hers and can’t chuck her.

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