Angel Runs Back To Lwasa, Warns New Bae; He Is Mine, Can’t Chuck Me | VIDEO

April 27, 2022
Lwasa's new bae (L), Angel Kwakunda (R)

Lwasa's new bae (L), Angel Kwakunda (R)

Jealous and broke, Angel Kwakunda has run back to tycoon, Emmanuel Lwasa kaweesi after being used and dumped by sharp city guys.

At the beginning of March, Angel was filmed partying with former Bukedde FM’s Love talkshow ‘Wujjala’ presenter, Abdul Kamulegeya in a club.

By that time Lwasa had flown to Dubai for business. On return, he confirmed that they broke up after Angel attempted to steal 24m he had given her to take it to his business partner. 

Angel with Lwasa during their lovely days

After Lwasa recovered the money she had hid in children’s bedroom, shamed Angel stormed out of the house and left.

Angel revealed that she had separated with Lwasa long time and vowed never to return. She also branded him stingy and disclosed that he gave her fake dollars on her birthday.

As usual, the tycoon said he was going to replace her and yesterday, Lwasa paraded a new babe who has already tattoed his face on her leg and his name on her chest.

Lwasa’s new bae

We have been told that Lwasa’s new babe is a renowned Masaka Karaoke dancer who owns a small salon. She also has two children.

After watching Lwasa cruising new catch in his Mercedes G-Wagon, Angel recorded a video and told the new babe that she is team no divorce. She warned her that Lwasa cannot chuck her.

It should be noted that visit Angel’s parents in a colorful ceremony that took place in Nakasongola in March 2021.

Watch video:

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