Look for another house – Kulthum defends Acram over Chozen Blood’s baby mama Drama

October 23, 2023
Acram Gumisiriza with Kluthum

Acram Gumisiriza with Kluthum

The late Sheikh Muzaata’s widow Kulthum Nabunya has now come out to defend her now husband Acram Gumisiriza over Chozen Blood’s baby mama Drama.

She said the lady should learn to respect her landlord or else she should go and get another house to rent that she likes.

All this went down on Saturday when Acram went to check on some of his houses and demand rent from those that hadn’t paid.

Chozen Blood had rented his baby mama a house on the rentals but it looks like the lady is constantly misbehaving.

According to Acram, she has been bringing so many friends around and taking drugs from their which hasn’t been making other tenants happy.

When he approached her, the lady immediately pulled out a phone camera and started harrassing him saying he wanted to date her.

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Unfortunately Kulthum was in the car at the same time and she didn’t take it so well. She posted on social media saying her husband hadn’t done anything wrong.

Kulthum blamed everything on Chozen Blood’s the mama saying she needs to behave herself or she will be kicked out very soon.

“Omupangisa emyezi jjo wejigwako either sasula, yogera ne mukama wo bulunji, oba nonya another house ewalala.Newemunaleta camera ezifanana zitya mbu mulabisa ebyo tebitulya. Enju omwami yazimba zakulabirira family ye abaana betaaga school fees naye mbu olwokuba yawasa omukyala owamanyi mbu talina right ku bintu bye.Muka Choosen Blood olumubanjizza rent amuvumidde maaso gange…hmm nkakasiza how patient he is bambi.😳,” Kulthum posted