Who killed Isma Olaxess? Bad Black claims Isma’s ghost visited her ready to talk about the killers

October 21, 2023

Socialite Bad Black has made an alarming post on social media when she revealed that the late Isma Olaxess’ ghost visited her yesterday night.

She said it was ready to speak to her about the people that killed him but she wasn’t willing to listen.

Isma Olaxess died in May 2023 from a gun shot to his chest. People that killed him fleed the scene and police hasn’t been able to find them up to now.

Friends and family have been wondering why and who are the people behind his murder.

Some claim that maybe they are the people that he had annoyed with his social media lives and interviews he was doing on a daily.

Unfortunately no one knows the answer and it looks like Isma Olaxess is ready to speak for himself despite his death but he doesn’t have anyone he can come through to speak.

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According to Bad Black, he came to her wanting to speak but Bad Black is also in fear of her life. She said she is not a family member and she doesn’t know why he would even come to her.


Outspoken Bad Black said Isma Olaxess needs more prayers so that his soul can rest at peace without meandering around.

“Ba Dear Isma needs a Duwa his spirit is roaming around last night he was disturbing me nga ali mukugaba black gyagala kubulila abaziita.. nze atali wa family nkole ki ? even if he tells me i can’t do anything obwana bwange butto … wakomerawo genda kumwokya , I don’t know ba jajja bamuganyiza batya nze nakulila bukojja protection yamanyi nyo ..
AnY way whoever killed jajja iculi know that his spirit is hunting you …. MaY Allah easy for him,” Bad Black said