GNL Zamba and Wife expecting first born baby (Photos)

October 24, 2023

Ugandan rapper now based in the United states of America (USA) GNL Zamba real name Earnest Nsimbi and wife are expecting their first baby.

GNL posts the photos of his wife with a big belly on social media and everyone was congratulating them.

Zamba and the wife have been married for more than five years. They have been so much into business like doing music together and even acting.

They have also been moving around on tours as they enjoy their time together as a lovely couple.

At the moment they are expecting a new member to the family and GNL Zamba posted with so much excitement saying he can’t wait to be a father.

Here are the photos;

When GNL Zamba married his white wife, he faced so much backlash back home here in Uganda.

He was blamed for not marrying a fellow Ugandan or black lady unless he wanted just money from the white lady.

Even ever since marriage, GNL kind of paused in his music career and started doing a few songs each other.

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For now he has spent almost three years without releasing any songs. He looks to be in other business which are probably high paying than the music he was actually doing.