Kluthum, Acram Showoff Multi-Billion Apartments, Scoffs At Haters | VIDEO

June 10, 2023
Acram Gumisiriza with Kluthum

Acram Gumisiriza with Kluthum

Kluthum Nabunya and hubby, Acram Gumisiriza have showed off their multi-billion apartments under construction and scoffed at haters.

Last week, Bad Black went overboard and made claims that Acram was married by kuthum and that he sleeps in the late Muzaata’s house.

The Masolo Queen also alleged that Acram and Kluthum’s size can’t allow them bathe through before dropping a bombshell that the late Muzaata’s widow stinks southern hemisphere.

Acram hit back and reminded her that he is the man in his home unlike her who has a doll – Asha Panda.

Kulu also dragged the Masolo Queen to police and opened a cyber bullying case against her.

Akram Gumisiriza and Kluthum

Since Kluthum introduced Acram Gumisiriza to her parents in November 2022, netizens have never been convinced that her hubby is an engineer as she claims. Some claim he is a Sangoma in South Africa.

Today, Kulu recorded a video as they headed to a construction site together with Acram.

On reaching the site, Acram started inspecting works bragging that the construction is slow. In the background, Kluthum can be heard calling Acram ‘Engineer’.

The apartments are on foundation stage but looks huge. To finish them, Acram and Kluthum will require spending over a billion.

We hope they have funds because construction consumes lots of money.