Weasel threatens to badly beat up Bad Black

June 10, 2023

Singer Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel Manizo of the duo Radio and Weasel has threatened to badly beat up socialite and prostitute Bad Black.

This came after Bad Black made a funny comment about his music career comparing him to a very young boy who doesn’t even sing Champion Gudo.

Champion Gudo is about 10 years and he is always moving with singer Alien Skin. He is referred to as the lead of Alien Skin’s security although he is too young for that.

When Weasel’s younger brother Pallaso slapped Alien Skin, the hatred and competition started from their.

Alien Skin even organised a concert on the same date as Pallaso. Fortunately they all registered a success and now Bad Black says she is not happy.

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According to Bad Black, she wants competition to continue and since Pallaso and Alien Skin both registered success, she now wants Weasel to compete with Champion Gudo.

“Kati tulinze Weasel Manizo ategeke naffe
Tuleete Champion gudo
E Namboole. Empalana
Elina okweyongerayo😀😀😀,” Bsf Black.

After making that post, Weasel replied to her saying they are always referred to as violent people yet they are disturbed.

Weasel said he will deal with Bad Black after Pallaso’s concert. And we all know the Mayanja brothers are good at fighting.

“Ok Badblack Wen we standup mbu we are violent. 😎😎😎 Katumalirize Love Fest ❤️,” Weasel