Bad Black, Asha Flee Uganda As Kluthum Drags Her To Court

June 5, 2023
Bad Black and Asha Panda

Bad Black and Asha Panda

Bad Black real name, Shanitah Namuyimbwa and her Toy Boy, Asha Panda Katende have sought refugee in Kenya days after Dr Kluthum Nabunya dragged her to police.

Bad Black, who is known for nosing into people’s businesses and abusing especially on social media, found her in trouble after he blasted Kluthum and Acram.

Acram posted a video crying on social media and word started making rounds that he had gotten misunderstandings with Kluthum.

Bad Black blasted Acram and Kluthum by advising them to take their issues off social media. Acram hit back by warning Bad Black but the Masolo Queen instead went overboard and made claims that Acram was married by kuthum and sleeps in the late Muzaata’s house.

Bad Black

The Masolo Queen also alleged that Acram and Kluthum’s size can’t allow them bathe through before dropping a bombshell that the late Muzaata’s widow stinks southern hemisphere.

This annoyed Kluthum and dragged her to Central Police Station (CPS) on charges of Cyber Bulling. Before going to the police, Kluthum had warned Masolo Queen to stop dragging her name in the mud.

On Saturday, Kluthum accompanied by Acram went to CPS and opened a file against Bad Black.

Kluthum and Acram at CPS

The Masolo Queen recorded a video claiming that she doesn’t fear jail arguing that she is an ex con.

After knowing that her file was ready to be paraded in court, the Masolo Queen together with her boyfriend, Asha, jumped onto a night bus and fled to Nairobi, Kenya.

In a Facebook post, Bad Black told her followers that her and Asha reached in Kenya safely and reminded netizens never to start wars without passports.

She questioned how can she go to court on a case of embezzling 11Bn then return to the same court on charges of cyberbullying?. She insists she is not dense.

The Masolo Queen says she has given powers of the attorney to her lawyers who will appear in court on her behalf.

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