Kluthum’s Bae, Acram Tears Nosy Bad Black Into Pieces, Brands Her Bae A Doll

June 2, 2023
Acram Gumisiriza with Kluthum

Acram Gumisiriza with Kluthum

Kluthum Nabunya’s hubby, Acram Gumisiriza has blasted nosy, Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Blad Black for nosing into other people’s businesses.

Bad Black had turned herself into a small god, blasting public figures, which netizens describe as ‘giving level’.

But this time around, she faced it rough after she tampered with Kluthum’s hubby, Acram Gumisiriza.

Acram with Kluthum

Earlier this week, a video of Acram crying leaked on social media. Some speculated that he had gotten a misunderstanding with Kluthum. He cried and asked for forgiveness.

Later Acram clarified that he was crying because of love. He says every time he is going back to South Africa, he becomes emotional as he doesn’t want to leave Kluthum behind.

After watching the video, Bad Black blasted Acram branding him dense before claiming his reasoning capacity is like for a P.7 dropout. She advised the pair to always resolve their issues off camera.

Bad Black

MY opinion that small misunderstandings doesn’t make you to appear on all tv interviews unless ur dense… You can slove the matter out of cameras  not everything public bamanye ate Acram reasoning capacity ya p7 drop out koz nze ndi wa s2 … relationship is not a public toilet muli bantu bakulu

Bad Black

Acram hit back and asked Bad Black if she wanted him to go mute like her Toy boy, before reminding her that he rules the house.

Oba obade oyagala nsilikilile nga eyo doleyo eyebyayi joyina munyumba…aha bambi gwe mugambe tayogelanga eno ewange nze afuga kimanye eyawangula siyafuga


Acram also told Bad Black to stop meddling in his business.

“Ekilàla next time gwe Badblackuganda Namuyimbwa nga weyingiza munsonga zange nyabo owemyela osokanga kumazawo nejitavunda”, Acram Added.