Having a man is not an achievement – Sheebah blasts Cindy sanyu

July 29, 2023

Former Team No Sleep musician Queen Sheebah real name Kalungi Sheebah has blasted the dancehall singer King herself Cindy Sanyu.

She told her not to brag about marriage because having a man is not an achievement.

Cindy and Sheebah have never been friends and they are ever competing with each other. They are always saying they are better than each other.

The last time they had such drama was when Sheebah had just completed her mansion. She told Cindy Sanyu that she has a house after being in the industry for a short time than her.

Cindy also responded to her saying everyone even boda boda men have houses so it not something to talk about.

She said the golden gift is that she is more talented than her as she promised to give her music lessons.

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Now the fights have resumed but this time around they are looking at putting them at stage to perform.

Although Cindy has bragged about being married and achieving so many things, Sheebah has called her out saying marriage is not an achievement.

According to Sheebah, as a woman she should be independent rather than depending on her husband.

“Having a man is not an achievement. Being in the industry for so long I expect her to have achieved more than just a man,”- Sheebah tells Cindy sanyu