Alien Skin nails Eddy Kenzo! Reveals his dirty motives towards musicians

July 29, 2023
Alien Skin

Alien Skin

Trending singer Alien Skin has nailed Eddy Kenzo the president of Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF).

He said the singer has evil motives towards his fellow musicians especially those in the Federation.

Ever since Alien Skin rose to fame and was given an opportunity to shine, he has been speaking his mind about everything going on in the music industry.

He has refused interviews from big local media houses saying they don’t add anything to his music career. This is something other upcoming musicians have not done.

Now with the Federation of musicians saga going on, Alien Skin also has a lot to talk about it.

Many musicians haven’t been supporting Eddy Kenzo forming the Uganda Musicians Federation, and now he has added himself on those people.

According to Alien Skin, Eddy Kenzo is just manipulative and he is using fellow musicians to get money from government.

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He said some musicians have understood that Eddy Kenzo is using them and they have run away from the federation.

But those that haven’t seen anything, they are still believing and following him as their leader not knowing where he is taking them.

“If Spice Diana, the vice president of the musicians federation doesn’t know what’s happening in the federation, what do you pick from this? Eddy Kenzo is using musicians to get money from the government,” – AlienskinUg