Grace Khan Thumps Kid Dee Over False Allegations | VIDEO

August 22, 2023
Grace Khan

Grace Khan

Grace Khan, real name Grace Namuwulya has thumped Kid Dee, leaving him crying like a baby over false allegations.

When Grace Khan revealed she was pregnant, some guys came out and claimed responsibility.

However, she revealed that Prince Omar was responsible. Omar first denied responsibility and made claims that he didn’t know Grace and had never met her.

When Grace Khan produced, Omar crawled and checked on baby Grannah. We hear he took the child for DNA test and accepted results.

Later, Omar disappeared, leaving Grace stranded and begging for help from well-wishers.

In July this year, Prince Omar appeared in Grace’s life again. He publicly declared his love for Grace Khan and vowed to stay with her and their child, Grannah.

Grace Khan and baby Grannah (L), Prince Omar (R)

All was going well until a phone call leaked with Grace spilling secrets Omar’s hidden secrets. She revealed that Omar grinds his teeth at night. She also disclosed that ghosts come at night and start cutting Omar’s body.

Grace also let the cut out of the bag and said Omar’s mum doesn’t like her and Grannah. She said Omar’s dad welcomed Grannah and gave her the family name. Omar’s mum has never met Grannah.

With all the Wolokoso, Omar disappeared again and she has since been begging him to return.

As Grace and Omar were painting the city red with love, Kid Dee came out and made claims that baby Grannah is his. This annoyed Grace and today, she met him at Papaz Restaurant in Maindye and thumped him.

Kid Dee

Kid Dee wanted to fight back but he was restrained. He insisted Grannah is his before he boarded the car and left the scene.

Watch the video below:

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