Not Prince Omar! Kid Dee confirms being father of Grace Khan’s daughter (Video)

April 18, 2023

Upcoming singer Kid Dee has confirmed being a father of fellow singer Grace Khan’s daughter Granah.

This came after social media blogger Isma Olaxess fueled everything saying the child of Grace Khan doesn’t resemble any other person apart from Kid Dee.

When Grace Khan was said to be pregnant during Covid19 lockdown, she told the media that fellow singer Prince Omar is the fatter of her child.

She continued with that statement even after giving birth something that made the parents of Prince Omar to take on the responsibility of giving the child a name.

But Prince Omar denied the pregnancy, he even denied knowing Grace Khan physically. He only said he sees her on television like any other people.

But as the baby has grown, she hasn’t looked anything like Prince Omar but rather Kid Dee.

According to Kid Dee, Grace Khan knows the truth although he has been quiet. He said Grace knows he has nothing to support the child that’s why she opted for Prince Omar who has some money.

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Kid Dee said if Grace Khan is denying him being the father, they should do a DNA test and the doctors will reveal who is speaking the truth.

“I am the father of Grace Khan’s daughter and she knows that. Look at the baby, she looks like me exactly although I have been quiet. I know Grace Khan talked about Prince Omar because she knew he is the one having money to support but other wise I am the father,” Kid Dee said.

Here is the video;