Eddy Kenzo Rubbishes Bobi Wine’s Political About The Music Industry

June 14, 2024

Singer and president of musicians under Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) has rubbished NUP president Bobi Wine’s political comments about the music industry.

He said as the federation they don’t care about politics in the music industry and they don’t usually judge people according to how they think.

Eddy Kenzo and Bobi Wine have never been on the same page ever since they joined politics. They used to be friends before big everything changed for them.

The singer said he didn’t agree with the ideas and he still doesn’t agree in the statement he makes about the music industry yet he was the artiste and knows the struggles fellow musicians go through .

Eddy Kenzo said there are people who are very selfish in the music industry. They don’t want other people to become very successful and they do it in every way they can.

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He said as the president of artistes, he is going to do what he is supposed to do and will not care about what other people have to say about the music industry.

“We don’t care about politics in this federation. We can’t judge people according to how they think,” .- Eddy Kenzo.