Judith Heard speaks about being in love with Abryanz

August 5, 2023

Model and fashionista Judith Heard has spoken about being in love with a fellow fashion star Abryanz.

Abryanz and Judith Heard have been friends for some good time. They even take photos dressed in matching outfits and post them on social media.

This has led to the continuous rumor of them dating despite Judith Heard being so much older than Abryanz.

Judith Heard divorced with her baby daddy and ever since she hasn’t talked about being in love again. The only man she is seen with is Abryanz.

According to beautiful Judith Heard, she is tired of people asking her if she is in love with Abryanz.

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She said they are best friends and nothing will take away that. Judith Heard said people are busy spreading rumors thinking they will stop being friends.

The model Judith Heard revealed that nothing is going to take away her friendship with Abryanz after all the loyalty they have for each other is beyond.

“Me and Abryanz are best friends, we are not dating and we have never dated. The rumor that is always being spread should stop because I have cleared the air,” Judith Heard said