Prince Omar Vows To Settle With Grace Khan | Parents – She Is Not Welcome | VIDEO

August 2, 2023
Grace Khan with Grannah (L), Prince Omar (R)

Grace Khan with Grannah (L), Prince Omar (R)

The war between Prince Omar and his parents over Grace Khan has taken a new twist and the singer has vowed to settle with fellow singer with or without his parents’ approval.

In 2021, Grace Khan revealed that Prince Omar was responsible for her pregnancy. Omar denied having impregnated Grace Khan and made bold claim that he had never seen Grace Khan and doesn’t know her.

When Grace Khan Grace welcomed a bouncing baby girl, llona Grannah at Rubaga Hospital on December 6th, Omar secretly checked on the child and we were told he subjected the Grannah to a DNA test. The results proved the child was his.

Prince Omar with Grace Khan

As a confused young lad, he disappeared but towards the end of last month, he crawled and returned back to Grace Khan’s life. The pair look happy together but the obstacle is Omar’s parents.

In an interview, Omar revealed that his parents don’t like Grace Khan but reminded them that he has life to live and won’t stand in his way.

He asked his dad and mum to soften their hearts and accept his decision. During the same interview, Grace Khan revealed that when she produced Grannah, she called Prince Omar’s mum and she hang up on her.

Prince Omar with Grace Khan

She disclosed that Omar’s dad welcomed Grannah and gave her the clan name, however, they were not supporting her when Omar was in hiding.

Omar and Grace Khan seem a power couple and if it’s not for showbiz, they might end up together.

Watch video below:

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