God’s Plan Reveals When He Dumped Sheilah Gashumba

God's Plan

God’s Plan, real name Marcus Ali Lwanga Ssempija has finally broken silence after his failed relationship with socialite, Sheilah Gashumba.

God’s Plan and Sheilah Gashumba started dating in 2018 and moved in together in 2019 when the former decided to relocate from UK and stay in Uganda.

During their relationship tenure, the pair painted the city red splashing cash in bars, clubs and hotels.

With no doubt, since 2019, they have been the most powerful celebrity couple around town.

Sheilah Gashumba and God’s Plan

Towards the end of last year, rumour started making round that they had separated as God’s Plan started posting other babes on his social media pages. At one point they rekindled romance.

When Covid-19 happened, they also disappeared from the social scene, making it hard to track them.

On Sunday night, the pair confirmed it was over for them in a tit for tat game.

Marcus first posted a video on Twitter chilling with a babe he called ‘Bestie’.

God’s Plan with new bae

Sheilah Gashumba also responded on Snapchat by posting a video, partying and kissing new lover, we know as Anthony Debanthy so far.

Sheilah Gashumba kissing new guy

According to Marcus, he says he separated with Sheila Gashumba last year in August. He adds that they had gone to Zanzibar to see whether things can workout for them but failed.

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