Ykee Benda Chewed My Bae – Bruno K

Ykee Benda and Bruno K

Ykee Benda has been exposed as a woman snatcher by fellow singer, Bruno Kiggundu aka Bruno K who accuses him of bonking his girlfriend.

During an interview with MC Ibrah K Mukasa, Bruno K revealed that Ykee Benda snatched his girlfriend that he had dated for six years, bonked and dumped her within a space of one month.

Bruno K told MC Ibrah that one night he met ‘Munakampala’ singer with his girlfriend at Silk Liquid and called her to ask her something. A furious Ykee Benda came and pushed him and told him to leave his girlfriend.

Ykee Benda

Bruno K said he wanted to fight but realised Ykee Benda was drunk.

After losing the girlfriend to Mpaka Records CEO, Bruno K thought of committing suicide but was saved by A Pass who advised him to concentarte on music career.

“I heard rumours she was dating Ykee Benda. Men change when it comes to women. Benda was my friend and I had a lot of respect for him and his art. But how he snatched the girl from me, I couldn’t believe. We had been dating for six years, my family and friends knew her. Ykee had only seen her for a week,” narrated Bruno K.

Bruno K

“So one time I found her with Ykee, I called her to ask about my sister whom she had taken somewhere and something unusual happened. I wasn’t going to ask her about Ykee. But he came and pushed me, telling me to excuse his girlfriend. We have never talked since. The girl dumped him after one week and she is now married.” Bruno K said he once told his friends, singers Apass and the B2C boys who got shocked.

The ‘Wonder Woman’ singer claims he has gone two years without bonking.

Since last year, Bruno K has been linked to NTV ‘Akawungeezi’ news reader, Faridah Nakazibwe.

They have been seen together on several occasions and Faridah nowadays she is marketing Bruno K’s clothing line.