Girls Humiliate, Beat Nicole Over A man, Netizens Condemn Act, Demand Justice | VIDEO

January 9, 2023


Netizens are demanding justice after a violent video of girls beating up fellow girl identified as over a man leaked on the internet.

A girl identified as Nicole Pretty suffered an embarrassment after fellow girls caned and poured dirty water on her for allegedly stealing a boyfriend belonging to one girls in the video.

Nicole was trapped inside the house, caned, taken outside on the velander, thumped before pouring dirty on her.

As they beat her up, they kept on asking what she had come to do.

From the conversation, Nicole was a friend to one of the girls, Kaftah and she took her to her place.

Nicole got Kaftah’s boyfriend’s number and started texting him. She also started abusing Kaftah.

As if this was not enough, Nicole sneaked, came back to see Kaftah’s boyfriend. Unfortunately, she was trapped inside the house and punished.


As the video went viral, netizens and celebrities have condemned the act and asked police to swing into action, arrest the girls and parade them in courts of law.

Don Zella of Girl Power posted,

We are requesting the police of uganda to investigate this matter of these youth beating there fellow youth ,as the CEO gal power women empowerment we condemn all acts of violence towards OTHERS and to protect other members of our society and community

am a mother and a sister am suddened by these acts please bekikwatako these kids should be arrested emmedietly and brought to courts of law this young woman deserves justice !!

If the young girl is a minor the man should be also arrested emmedietly.

They need emmediet counseling. anyone with her contacts please share the video to create awareness

BBS Terefayina presenter, Dianah Nabatanzi was disgusted by the act.

Am so disgusted by this act of these women embarrassing fellow women! This girl was beaten terribly, undressed, poured on her what seems to sewage, on top of that recorded her body naked & released her videos allover social media. All in the name of “fighting for aman & romours!! All cheering really??? It’s wrath, bitterness & unfairness. she didn’t deserve this disgrace, its inhuman. This is similar to what took the life of the black American girl called Shanquella Robinson ( google). These so called evil friends. She deserves justice.

Young girls get busy & get stuff to do. !!! Stop these cheap fights!!

Social media bullying needs to stop.

Depression kills. NO one is perfect.

NOTE: I’ve said what ive said come here knowing. This is “MY OWN OPINION. ” you too are entitled to yours.

Bembe FM presenter, Jacob Omutuuze asked the Uganda Police to act.

Sheilah Gashumba reminded girls that fighting for a man is useless.

Beating up a girl because of a man who will cheat on you regardless is just being dumb. 3 seconds into the video and I couldn’t even continue watching. Two bullies with low self esteem and low confidence. A man who wants to be yours will always be yours!! Stop that madness

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