Karole Kasita Bitter With Artistes Who Failed To Show Up At Feffe Bussi’s Press Conference

May 10, 2024

 Singer Karole Kasita is bitter with fellow artistes who failed to show up at her alleged boyfriend and baby daddy Feffe Busi’s press conference.

Feffe Bussi is set to hold his concert late this month. He is having support from a few artistes with Karole Kasita who is also like his right hand.

As a person who has had a concert, the songstress said support from fellow artistes is very encouraging and it keeps one motivated despite the fears.

Karole Kasita said every artiste deserves that support and unfortunately some artistes are not ready to support each other when they need the support that much.

According to Karole Kasita, artistes need to first support each other before they beg fans to support them or even accuse them of supporting Nigerian artistes.

She said she is not going to force anyone to support any artiste but she knows they will also need that same support at a certain point.

“I don’t understand how artistes are failing to support each other. We are always accusing fans of supporting Nigerian artistes but I think they are right,”