I Blame Myself, I Deserved The Beating – Nicole Refuses To Cooperate With Police

January 10, 2023

Nicole Pretty, a girl in the viral video on social media being beaten by colleagues over a man has refused to cooperate with the police saying that she blames herself for everything that happened to her.


Yesterday, netizens were left in shock after three girls ganged up on Nicole, beat her up and even poured dirty water on her for snatching of of their boyfriend.

One of her friends, Kaftah accused her of texting her boyfriend and even abusing her.

Watch Nicole (in Blue) with Kaftah (Red) having good time:

After public outcry, the Police on Monday kicked off investigations in bid to bring the culprits to book

However, according to Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire, when they got in touch with the victim (Nicole) in a bid to ensure she records a statement and provide more evidence to pin the suspect, the victim blamed herself for her predicaments.

She has refused to cooperate with the Police to help identify the suspects but is instead blaming herself for whatever happened and feels she deserved the beating

Owoyesigyire told journalists

Owoyesigyire said police agreed with the victim’s mum to provided her shelter as efforts to give her professional help continue in a bid to help her get over the traumatizing moment she went through during the incident.

“We agreed with the mom to have her sleep at the Police station because she needs some professional help. Who knows she might even commit suicide”, Owoyesigyire aded.

The development points to some of the difficulties that police in some cases get while trying to investigate  cases.