Karole Kasita Vows To Never Date A Married Man

June 18, 2024

Singer Karole Kasita has vowed to never date or even sleep with any married man  in her life.

She said she is emotionally weak and can’t stand fighting for a man with any other women especially when she is the second wife.

Karole Kasita is a mother one but she never talks about the father of her child. She said that he is a present father and is always their for the son.

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There was a rumour making rounds that the married man could be the one that got her pregnant and that is the reason to why she hides the father of the child.

According to Karole Kasita, she is emotionally delicate and she can’t  competing for a man with a fellow women yet she can have a man on her own,

“I don’t think I can share a man because of my emotions. I am too weak to fight for a man with any other woman. I know I am beautiful and I deserve a man of my own not someone else’s husband,”

It should be noted that Karole Kasita is rumoured to be dating fellow singer Feffe Bussi. It is even said that the child is his although there isn’t proof for that.

She is not yet officially married.