The Dad To Karole Kasita’s Newly Born Baby Boy Revealed

January 9, 2023
Karole Kasita

Karole Kasita

The dad to singer, Karole Kasita’s newly born baby boy has been revealed following nine months of speculation.

When Karole Kasita’s tummy started bulging, word made rounds that Feffe Bussi was the one responsible after audios of the pair leaked while exchanging flirting words.

The pair became close while recording collabo, ‘Ebyo Byooli’.

Others made claims that Eddy Kenzo was responsible as the pair were so close while recording collaboration song, Tubiddemu.

During video shoot, Kenzo was spotted rubbing on Kasita’s tummy, which made netizens believe that he was the one behind the ballooning.

On January 4, 2023, Karole Kasita welcomed a bouncing baby boy But, the question remained as to who could be the dad.

Karole Kasita with newly born baby

Finally, rapper Mukiiza Frank aka Feffe Bussi has claimed the ballooning responsibility and revealed he is the dad in an emotional social media post.

Karole Kasita and Feffe Bussi

Been lookin for the right words,right time n right everything buh I’ve still failed to compose myself. Thank you all for your prayers, thank you for the love,for the lovely msgs. Am literally cryin,am Above all,thank you God. A king was born 04/01/23 @KaroleKasita

Feffe Bussi