Exclusive Video Of Lubiri High School Students Dancing Inside Midland Bus Leak | WATCH IT HERE

June 15, 2022
Lubiri High school students

Lubiri High school students

The exclusive video of Lubiri High School students dancing inside Midland bus has surfaced following days of speculation.

Last Saturday, a by passer recorded a video showing students dancing inside Midland High School bus which sparked a debate on the discipline of the students.

The headmaster, Midland High School rushed to defend his school and said the students filmed in the bus were not his. He revealed Lubiri High School hired their bus to transport students to Jinja for Agricultural show.

Lubiri High School first denied but when police launced an investigation, they accepted that students filmed in the bus were theirs and apologised to Midland High.

Lubiri High described the video as a mere dance and defended students that dancing is part of co curricular activities.

There is a video circulating on social media involving alleged misconduct of students on Midland School bus.

As Lubiri High School, However, we apologise to Midland High School where we hired a school bus and to the public at large for the alleged misconduct.

The students on board belong to our school. They had gone for an agricultural show to Jinja.

As Lubiri High School we take a stand on the actions taken in the video to be just a mere dance of which is part of the school’s co curriculum activities.

Investigations are underway in regards to the matter.

Lubiri High School

Since the video was filmed outside the bus, debate continued with speculation about what was actually taking place inside.

Finally, a video leaked online and the students were just jamming to Gravity Omutujju’s song, ‘Balance the boat’.

Watch it below:

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