Lubiri High School: Students Filmed On Midland High School Bus Belong To Us, They Were Doing Co Curriculum Activity

June 13, 2022
Midland High School bus

Midland High School bus

After Uganda Police launched an investigation into Midland High School bus saga, Lubiri High School has finally owned up that the students who were filmed dancing.

On Saturday, social media was buzzing after a video of students dancing in Midland High School bus made rounds.

Midland immediately distanced themselves from the students, shared a receipt and revealed that Lubiri High School hired their bus for an Agricultural show to Jinja.

Lubiri High School also issued a statement and denied having knowledge of the students who were filmed in the bus.

This attracted interest of the Police who launched an investigation.

In a letter dated June 12, the management of Lubiri High confirmed that indeed, it was their students on the said bus, saying that further investigations in regards to the matter are underway.

There is a video circulating on social media involving alleged misconduct of students on Midland School bus.

As Lubiri High School, However, we apologise to Midland High School where we hired a school bus and to the public at large for the alleged misconduct.

The students on board belong to our school. They had gone for an agricultural show to Jinja.

As Lubiri High School we take a stand on the actions taken in the video to be just a mere dance of which is part of the school’s co curriculum activities.

Investigations are underway in regards to the matter.

Lubiri High