Did they date? Quiin Abenakyo Speaks the truth about rumoured relationship with Kyabazinga 

March 4, 2024

Former miss Uganda Quiin Abenakyo has spoken the truth about the rumoured relationship between him and Kyabazinga of Busoga.

She said there was nothing much between them and they were actually not friends they only met at public gatherings.

Quiin Abenakyo is one of the most loved Miss Uganda contestants. When she was crowned fans were happy because they had got someone beautiful to represent the country.

 As she comes from Busoga, people expected Kyabazinga to find a way with her but that didn’t happen.

Last year the Kyabazinga got married to a lady known as Jovia Mutetsi who the public didn’t know about.

According to Quiin Abenakyo she doesn’t know why bloggers would even say she was dating Kyabazinga.

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She said she has never dated him and they have never had a private moment. The only told they have been together is at functions.

“The Kyabazinga and I only met during functions. All the pictures people saw of me with him were when I was greeting him. Those were the few times I met him, and those were the pictures bloggers were using to spread the rumor,” Quiin Abenakyo said