The truth behind Bobi Wine’s salary as NUP president revealed

March 4, 2024

The secretary general of National Unity Platform (NUP) David Lewis Rubongoya has spoken for truth about the party president Bobi Wine’s president.

He said the rumor that Bobi Wine has been receiving UGX 100 million monthly salary from NUP is not true.

According to David Rubongoya, there is a lot being said about Bobi Wine and National Unity Platform (NUP) but none of them is true.

Here is the full statement;

This fake message has been making rounds on social media. It contains material falsehoods. For the benefit of those who may be misled by it, let me respond as follows:

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1. No. Mrs. Barbie Kyagulanyi is not and has never been a signatory to any NUP account. The signatories to the single Party account we have are the President, Secretary General and the National Treasurer as is standard practice, and in accordance with the NEC Resolution. 

2. No. Hon. Kyagulanyi doesn’t earn 100m per month. In fact, what he gets as facilitation allowance for his work is lower than what he earned as Member of Parliament. 

3. Chairman Nyanzi as Secretary for Mobilisation is facilitated to do the work of that office. No other ‘relative’ draws a salary or allowances from NUP. 

4. We have regularly stated that NUP has never paid any money as rent to use the Kamwokya premises. We started using those premises as People Power in 2018 even before NUP came up, and we remain grateful that our President availed these premises to the work of the struggle without asking for anything in return. 

5. NUP regularly files its accountability reports in accordance with the law. In addition, we have constantly accounted to Party members and the public by detailing the items we spend on, but most importantly through our activities and acquisitions as a Party. 

6. We have so far bought six pieces of land where our offices are located at Kavule. Five of the six titles have already been transferred into the National Unity Platform, and anyone can do a search and verify. Only one title is yet to be transferred because there was a caveat placed on it as a result of a family conflict amongst the sellers. No single title is in the names of Chairman Nyanzi or any other individual.