Biswanka Speaks The Truth About Chewing His Manager’s Wife

February 28, 2024

Upcoming singer Biswanka has spoken the truth about chewing his boss manager VJ Moon’s wife.

He said he has never met the wife and he can’t even tell how the lady looks like with the accusations going on.

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Yesterday VJ Moon posted on his social media platforms saying he has been managing singer Biswanka.

He said he will no longer be in position to manage him anymore because of the way he was behaving.

VJ Moon accused Biswanka of disrespecting people around him and even going ahead to be with his wife.

According to Biswanka, he has never been under any management and he has never worked with VJ Moon.

He said this VJ Moon is using him as a stunt to revive his career which has been down for a good period of time.

“ I’ve never been in any management, VJ Moon must have been talking about Junior Biswanka. God blessed me with the ability to promote other people, VJ Moon reached out to me and told me how he has been translating movies for a very long time but he failed to get a breakthrough, he asked me to help him make a stunt, that’s what you are seeing on the internet today,” – Biswanka, Musician