Aziz Azion disses Kenneth Mugabi guitar playing skills, call him student

September 11, 2023

Aziz Azion

Singer Aziz Azion has diseed sensational singer Kenneth’s guitar playing skills and he has called him a student.

The singer said Kenneth Mugabi s good but he misses a lot in him that can make him get compared to Aziz Azion.

Aziz Azion has been in the music industry for more than 15 years and Kenneth has been in the industry for about five years.

He is so lucky because fans enjoy his music as he is always singing live and playing his guitar while performing.

When Aziz Azion was asked about how he feels of Kenneth Mugabi’s talent, he wasn’t hesitant to speak what is on his mind.

According to Aziz Azion, he respects Kenneth Mugabi so much especially his talent and the instruments he plays while performing.

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He however said no matter how good and interesting Kenneth Mugabi is, he doesn’t beat him when it comes to playing the guitar.

Aziz Azion Said he is the best in Uganda and there is no debate about it as people have seen him perform year to year.

“Kenneth Mugabi is a good guitarist, but when it comes to me, he is a student” Aziz Azion