Daddy Andre tones down his relationship with Nina Roz, refers to her as his ‘Daughter’

September 11, 2023

Music producer, artiste and song writer Daddy Andre has toned down his relationship with fellow singer Nina Roz.

He referred to her as his daughter in a recent interview he had with a certain local channel.

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz were married for about three months. Their relationship didn’t last long as fans has predicted because their dating time was also little.

After the relationship/marriage ended, Daddy Andre started demanding some money from Nina Roz of the songs they had done together while in love.

Unfortunately the case didn’t move forward and Nina Roz got back with Daddy Andre.

The two have been confusing people about their relationship however Daddy Andre has cleared the air about the rumors.

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Daddy Andre said his relationship with Nina Roz ended and they got back as friends and business partners.

He said Nina Roz is now like his daughter and he is determined to keep pushing her forward until she crosses the border and becomes a better person in

“Me and Nina Roz ended our relationship and we are now friends. The business has to keep moving forward and that is the reason I want to keep pushing Nina Roz until she makes it. She is my daughter and I Kno she knows that,” Daddy Andre