Kafta Queen Finally Reveals Why She Discipline Pretty Nicole | VIDEO

September 11, 2023
Kafta Queen - L (in the dock), Pretty Nicole (R)

Kafta Queen - L (in the dock), Pretty Nicole (R)

Kafta Queen – the girl who was sent to prison for disciplining Pretty Nicole has revealed why she she went extreme and taught Nicole unforgettable lesson.

On January 9, netizens were left in shock after three girls ganged up on Nicole, disciplined her up and even poured dirty water on her for snatching of of their boyfriend.

Due to pressure, the police tracked and arrested Kafta Queen. On January 17, Kaftah was paraded before Kira Chief Magistrates Court, charged with aggregated torture and remanded to Luzira.

On January 31, Kira Court Chief Magistrate, Roseline Nsenge sentenced Kaftah Queen to three years in prison over aggregated torture of Pretty Nicole and inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Kafta Queen behind bars

After serving 6 months, On Friday, July 21, Justice Margaret Mutonyi of the High Court, Kampala set Kaftah free after her lawyer appealed the sentence.

Since her release from prison, Kafta has been silent. Yesterday she disclosed why she disciplined Nicole.

Kafta said Nicole had nowhere to stay and talked to her guy to allow her move in with them.

Nicole started texting Kafta’s guy behind her back, portraying her as a bad person.

In the audios Pretty Nicole sent to kafta’s guy, she asked the guy to give her the keys and kick Kafta Queen out.

On the fateful day, Kafta received a phone call from her guy saying that Pretty Nicole had camped at his place.

She called her friends, stormed the guys place and asked Nicole what she had come for. In the process, she disciplined her.