Photos: Full Figure Brags About Flying Twice To Different Countries In One Week 

April 20, 2024

Presidential advisor Jennifer Nakangubi also known as Full Figure has bragged about flying twice to different countries in just one week. 

She said aeroplanes are now her new taxis be because she is moving any time she wants to any place she wants to at any time.

Full Figure had never moved out of the country for all her years. Last week she got an opportunity to travel to Dubai to relax.

On her return she wasn’t happy with the trip. She said Dubai is not what she expected it to be as she found it dirty and people their very pale.

Today Full Figure has flown out of the once again and she is bragging about it saying she is no longer an ordinary human being.

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“Eno Uganda yakatandika okumpomela enyonyi nzifude taxi 🚕 🚖,”

It should be noted that Full Figure has been abusing people but none of them has ever taken her to prison or even sued her .