Jowie Regrets Cephco’s Tattoo, Gives Advise To Girls | VIDEO

July 6, 2022
Cephco and Jowie

Cephco and Jowie

Jowie is living in regret after her boyfriend, Ismael Sefuko aka Cephco publicly dumped her last month.

Before being arrested and remanded to Luzira, Cephco had dumped Yvonne Kankaka and showered Jowie with praises.

Because of competition, Jowie thought he had won Cephco’s heart and decided to tattoo his name on her back.

Cephco and Jowie
Cephco and Jowie

Upon his release from Luzira Prison, Cephco accused Sheikh Umar of plotting his arrest in bid to snatch Jowie from him. He made claims that after being arrested, Umar forcefully touched in Jowie’s source and that she was depressed.

Sheikh Umar threatened to drag him to court for tarnishing his name and gave him an ultimatum to apologise. Cephco insisted he was not going to apologise to the man who boasted of having him arrested.

Later he publicly dumped Jowie accusing her of being selfish. He claimed that despite being in jail, Jowie kept on pushing Umar to organise for her a birthday party.

He also said his friends told him that while in jail, Jowie was doing a lot behind his back.

After parting ways, Jowie is now regretting why she tattooed Cephco’s name on her lower back. She is scared her next boyfriend will dump her after seeing Cephco’s name on her back.

She advised fellow young girls to be careful and not to make abrupt decisions like she did.

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