Alien Skin trashes MC Kats police reference, says police will not call him

September 12, 2023

Singer Alien Skin has trashed media personality MC Kats’ police reference about his assault case against him.

He said the case is a social media one and he doesn’t think the police will call him as he did nothing to MC Kats.

MC Kats and Alien Skin have had their beef for some weeks big in a short period of time it has escalated to assault.

When Alien Skin’s guys dragged MC Kats off stage he immediately went to report them to police and it’s days now but nothing has been done against them.

He even posted today saying he is not physically and mentally okay because of what happened to him.

Despite all that, police hasn’t done anything and Alien Skin has talked to the media saying he didn’t do anything wrong and he doesn’t even know what happened.

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According to the singer, MC Kats is just looking for relevance as he knows the case won’t be taken anywhere.

He said if it was a serious, MC Kats wouldn’t be posting anything on social media but since he has posted then it is a social media case without any doubt.

“Police hasn’t called me and I don’t think they’ll call me, this is a social media case, that’s why MC KATS posted the references on social media,” – AlienskinUg