Alien Skin shocks fans with heartbreaking news

July 27, 2023

Famous singer ghetto youth Alien Skin has shocked his fans with some heartbreaking news on social media.

He said he might quit the music industry by the end of this year 2023 to focus on other things.

Alien Skin just rose to fame early this year and he has build a huge fan base. That was discovered when he decided that stage a concert on the same date as Pallaso and it sold out.

Pallaso being an established musician, people would think Alien Skin could find it hard to have a concert.

But it was organized in a few days towards the due date and people attended to the fullest some even failing to get slots inside the Freedom city stadium.

Although Alien Skin has found his way to fame, he has also faced some challenges like people telling him that he is not going to be on top for a very long time.

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The singer said he understands it and he is now looking for ways to enjoy his time, make money and do some other things.

Alien Skin said he is tired of the bad comments but people need to know that he is looking ahead of his future.

That involves leaving the music industry and focusing more profitable businesses.

“I might even quit music by the End of this Year by January next year nga nkola bilala ,” Alien Skin said

It should be noted that Alien Skin is using his fame to help other faded musicians get back on their feet with his collaborations.