He must be tall – Here are requirements Esther Mutesasira wants in a man

September 12, 2023

Young gospel singer Esther Mutesasira has listed down requirements she wants in her future partner.

She started with height saying she doesn’t think she can date a short man because she is personally taller and wants someone taller than her.

Esther Mutesasira is still a teenager and in school. Having grown up from a church family where the father is a pastor, dating at that age is not okay.

At the same time Esther is exposed and she has been in the world of grown ups seeing people in relationships.

Like any other young girl with dreams, Esther gas qualities she wants in her future husband.

She said when time comes, she doesn’t want a Ugandan man and neither does she want to date a white.

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Esther Mutesasira revealed that a black American is an option for her and that man is supposed to be so rich.

The singer also talked about a man that will respect her and her family because without respect she thinks there will not be enough love to share between them.

“If am to date, I would prefer a black America, not short and rich..” Esther Mutesasira lists down her requirements in a potential future partner.