Akram Gumisiriza Reveals Date To Wed Kluthum

March 21, 2022
Akram Gumisiriza and Kluthum

Akram Gumisiriza and Kluthum

South African-based Sangoma, Akram Gumisiriza is in final preparations to wed the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte’s widow, Kluthum Nabunya.

After Muzaata’s death on December 4, 2020 at International Hospital Kampala- IHK, city men started tendering in their applications to harvest a ripe Kluthum.

Among the applicants was Uganda Bloggers Association president, Isma Olaxess aka Jajja Iculi and Ntare who accused Kluthum of detoothing him.

However, a less known Akram Gumisiriza jetted into the country and secretly visited Kluthum’s parents in December 2021.

Akram with Kluthum

After the introduction, South African-based hustler, Tasha came out and accused Akram of using her hard earned money to marry Kluthum.

Tasha spilled the beans and revealed that she was staying with Akram in South Africa until when he came to attend to his sick dad.

On his way to Uganda, Tasha gave Akram 50k Rand (12m ugx) to take it to her family, unfortunately, he picked an extra 9m from her sister and married Kluthum.

All this has came to pass after Kluthum told Tasha that Akram is hers and no turning back.

Kluthum and Akram painted the city red until when he returned to South Africa.

Last weekend, Bukedde TV gossip king, Josephat Seguya managed to catch up with Akram in Pretoria South Africa where he found him buying suits for the wedding.

While checking out suits, Akram had Kluthum on the video call advising him on which colours to buy.

Akram revealed that the wedding will take place on November 25 this year.

Kluthum will soon be flying to South Africa to do shopping too.