Akram Stole My Money And Married Kluthum – Kadama In Tears, Wants Her Dime Back | VIDEO

December 28, 2021
Kluthum and Akram Gumisiriza, Tasha (L)

Kluthum and Akram Gumisiriza, Tasha (L)

As Kluthum is still warming bed with new man, Akram Gumisiriza, a lady by names of Tasha from Johannesburg, South Africa has come out accusing him of using her hard earned money to marry off the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte’s widow.

In a video making rounds on social media, Tasha says she was staying with Akram in the same house until a month back when he came to Uganda to attend to his sick dad. Unfortunately, the dad passed on.


On his way to Uganda, Tasha gave him 50k Rand (12m Ugx) to take it to her family. While in Uganda, Akram called Tasha’s sister who had kept her extra 9m and picked it, promising to pay back.

After picking the dime, Tasha started hearing rumours that her man (Akram) was planning to marry the late Muzaata’s widow, Kluthum. She called him but denied.

Watch Akram and Kluthum’s ‘kuwowa’


Three days after denial, pictures of Akram and Kluthum in secret Muslim wedding (Kuwowa) leaked which angered Tasha. When Tasha asked Akram, he started accusing her of not sleeping in the house and told her he won’t give her a single coin.

Tasha says she was thrown out of the house she was staying in because Akram never paid rent.

In a video call interview with NBS TV, Tasha said she wants her money back and revealed that Akram is not an engineer as he claims. She disclosed that he doesn’t have a specific job. At times he is a Sangoma (Witch doctor).

Watch video below: