Guy Film Fellows Busy Harvesting Night Hustlers On Street | VIDEO

March 26, 2022
Night hustlers

Night hustlers

Kampala night life is interesting! When you think people should be a sleep, some be starting their busy day in bars and on the streets.

As places like Acacia Avenue, Kololo, Industrial Area, Makindye, Bugolobi, and others be busy with drinkers, other places like; Katonga road, Shimoni road, Speke road, William street, Kimombasa – Bwaise, Auto Spa Munyonyo, Makindye (Mubarak Zone), Katanga (Makerere), Dancers Club Makindye among many others are busy selling the sweet Southern hemisphere meat.

In some of these places night hustlers do it on the streets and one of the well wishers filmed the action to give netizens a glimpse of what really happens there.


Government has really tried hard to chase the night hustlers from the streets in vain.

If they are to do it successfully, they must use all the barracks in Uganda and gazette a place where to keep them. They are mob!